Falling in Love With Your Bathroom – Designers’ Perspective, Part Four

This month we’ve been helping you fall in love with your bathroom.  We talked to four designers and asked them what the most important elements are for creating a bathroom that reflects your personality.  Find out how designers help their clients fall in love with their bathrooms.  Last but definitely not least:  Sophia Vassiliou from Sophia Designs.


What details are most important to draw out of a client to make sure they fall in love with their new bathroom?  

  • Their Lifestyle and preferences.
  • Do they like showers or baths?
  • How many people use the room?
  • Who will use the space?
  • What time of day are they using the room ?
  • How do they like to feel in this room?
  • Are they right or left handed?
  • What kind of lighting should be specified?
  • Do they like to watch TV or listen to music?
  • There are so many details vital to a bathroom remodel, the type of towel to the client’s height are even considered in the design.


What are some of the best ways for a homeowner to inject their own personality/personal style into their current bathroom?

Our approach at Sophia Designs is to reflect the personal style of the client in the project.  If they enjoy a spa retreat, an elegant or casual feel, we incorporate this into the way we design the bathroom.  We specify choices for each client’s personality and pay close attention to the details.  This includes all elements of the bathroom from color,   flooring, counters, storage, sinks, hardware, lighting, hardware, and faucets, for example.


What are three adjectives would you use to describe the personality of your dream bathroom?

Luxurious, Comfortable, Functional.



For this Bathroom, we used existing footprint for a new look and feel.  We demolished the entire space, including  the wall partition and fur down.   The clients desired an uncluttered, clean elegant feel with functionality for their daily needs.

To achieve this, we designed tall custom vanity with large drawers, marble countertops with substantial sinks, and large floor tile to open up the space.  The full wall custom mirror feature was designed and installed with sconces to reflect the clean lines desired.  In the tub and shower,  large marble wall surround, and  frameless glass doors were chosen. New brushed nickel faucets, bathroom fixtures, hardware, and other details further enhance the ambiance of the room.  Our clients enjoy the ease and functionality of the space with the clean, wonderful open look of their new bathroom.



You must be completely in love with your bathroom.  At the very least you have a really good idea what will make you love it.  Have you been inspired?  Tell us in the comments.

We hope Sophia’s words of wisdom helped spark some inspiration.   Sophia Designs loves to consult with this kind of project or anything you have in mind.  You can check out more of Sophia’s work on her site, sophiadesigns.com or contact her here:

Sophia Vassiliou, Sophia Designs
3100 Wilcrest Drive Suite #220, Houston, TX 77042
sophia@sophiadesigns.com, tel: 281.685.1429

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