Falling in Love With Your Bathroom – Designers’ Perspective, Part Three

We’re helping you fall in love with your bathroom this month.  We talked to four designers and asked them what the most important elements are for creating a bathroom that reflects your personality.  Find out how designers help their clients fall in love with their bathrooms.  Next up:  Lindsay Espinoza of Lulu Designs.


What details are most important to draw out of a client to make sure they fall in love with their new bathroom?

Functionality!  This is the most important.  Aesthetic evolves from there based on the style the client wants.  If you remove the bathtub, and she bathes every night, she won’t be in love with her bathroom that is for sure.   If they request two shower heads and they don’t get that, same thing.  Functionality is the only place to start right after information gathering from the client.

IMG_0438 copyIMG_0429

What are some of the best ways for a homeowner to inject their own personality/personal style into their current bathroom?

People are always so worried about not making it their own by hanging art or doing this, interjecting their own style.  As a first time homeowner, I felt this way too, so I waited years to personalize my space.  You have to, have to make it yours as soon as it is yours.  When you are surrounded by things you love, then you will be happy walking through your home and using it to its fullest capabilities.  Don’t be scared.  Make it yours; this is the difference between a house and a home.


What are three adjectives would you use to describe the personality of your dream bathroom?

tranquil, peaceful and fresh.

IMG_0484 copy IMG_0504 copy IMG_0515 copy

Ready for an update yet?  We hope Lindsay’s words of wisdom helped spark some inspiration.  You can check out more of Lindsay’s work on her site, luludesigns.com or contact her here:

Lindsay Espinoza, Lulu Designs
267 Magnolia St., Costa Mesa CA 92627
luludesignsinfo@icloud.com, tel:  (949) 370-7759

Keep an eye out for our next post with more tips to help you love your bathroom.

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