Going Green: 10 Tips for a Healthier Bathroom


If you are thinking about going green you can start small and still make a big impact.  Here are some tips for the smallest room in your house, the bathroom.

The main focus in your bathroom is saving water.  Water conservation is a huge part of going green and there are plenty of ways that you can save water starting today.

  1. Shorten your showers – Do you daydream while you shower? Time to hurry it up and take only the time you need to get clean and get out.
  2. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth – We all know this one, but do we all do it? Make a conscious effort to save water while you’re brushing your teeth.
  3. Get a faucet aerator – Make sure it’s installed or install one if you can. Aerators add air to the water while still efficiently providing enough water to complete your task.  Think about it this way, each air bubble is one less drop of water being wasted.
  4. Fix drips and leaks – If you have a dripping faucet in your bathroom you should call a professional or fix it yourself as soon as possible. You can also test your toilet leaks with fun tricks like this one here.
    Bonus:  Install water-saving fixtures – How handy are you? You can install water-saving fixtures in your bathroom to save water.  Look for the WaterSense logo.Next time you go shopping for your bathroom make sure you grab your reusable shopping bags and keep these next things in mind to keep things “green”.
  5. Buy products with less packaging – This applies to everything you buy, not just bathroom products.  Less packaging means less material used and more trees saved and buying in bulk when you can mean less packaging.
  6. Avoid aerosol sprays – Bathrooms can get smelly but scented aerosol sprays are bad for you and the environment. Use other options like pump sprays or even an old fashion candle.  Don’t forget, aerosol hairsprays are just as bad.
  7. Buy organic materials – Be aware of what materials are made of, for example, use a shower curtain that is not made of PVC plastic and towels made from organic cotton.
  8. Put a brick in the toilet tank – Instead of buying a fancy new toilet or replacing the flapper, you can buy a brick or two and place it in the tank.  The brick will take up more space and leave less room for water saving with every flush.
  9. Replace your light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs – When your bulbs go out buy energy efficient ones.  Check the labels for CFL or Compact Fluorescent Light. These bulbs use less energy and last several years which is 8-15 times longer than an incandescent light bulb.
  10. Don’t buy cleaning products, buy the ingredients – Use green cleaning products to clean your bathroom.  Harsh chemicals are bad for the environment, your bathroom fixtures and pipes, and more importantly you.  Use homemade products like mixtures of vinegar and baking soda to clean as much as you can.  Check out these ideas.

Do you have a tip for going green in the bathroom?  Let us know in the comments!

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