Kitchen and Bathroom Product Certifications Defined

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There are several voluntary and mandatory certifications instituted by governments to keep your home safe and energy efficient.  VIGO Industries makes sure to have the highest quality products that meet all the necessary requirements and beyond.  All certifications on VIGO products are received after being tested and approved by IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) or other required sources.  After testing things such as strength, durability, toxicity, efficiency, and component and material make-up, the products are ready for the market.  Below are the certifications that can be found on VIGO products and their meanings.

NSF-61 – a standard created by the National Sanitation Foundation to regulate the impurities that a faucet (and other products) can introduce into the water supply of a home.

AB1953 – a standard that requires “lead-free plumbing.”  Lead-free is defined as products that have been verified with weighted average lead content that is less than or equal to 0.25% and solder and flux lead content less than or equal to 0.2%.

WaterSense – a (non-mandatory) compliancy act that requires bathroom sink faucets to use a maximum water flow of 1.5 gallons per minute to conserve water.

cUPC – stands for Uniform Plumbing Code certified in the US and Canada (c for Canada).  These are requirements that cover the durability, strength and weighted longevity of bathroom and kitchen products.

CAL Green – a mandatory green building code in California that, among other things, requires plumbing fixtures to reduce the overall use of potable (drinking) water by at least 20%.

ANSI Z97.1 – a certification from the American National Standards Institute for glass that says it can withstand a certain amount of weight and impact without defect.

ADA – is a compliancy, created as a result of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires (among other things) that products are easily accessible by people with disabilities.

Hopefully you’re feeling a little more informed.  Check the product details on VIGO’s website to see which certification each VIGO product has earned.

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