Happy 4th of July from VIGO!

Happy KitchenDependence Day (or month actually!)

As we move into July 4th weekend, we find ourselves right in the middle of our KitchenDependence Day Sale – a month-long sale* on all VIGO kitchen sinks and faucets.

What in your kitchen are YOU most dependent on? What’s the one appliance or gadget that you love and couldn’t go without? Let us know in the comments… 

As someone who has been living out of their in-laws’ house for the past year while our house is being built, I miss my kitchen tremendously. But there are a couple of specific items I miss most:

  1. Top of that list? The instant hot water dispenser on my kitchen sink. I use it so many times every day for a quick cup of tea. (The task of actually boiling water seems to take soooo long when you are used to having it in an instant!)
  2. The other gadget I miss is my Rosle garlic press. It makes garlic prep so much easier. Just stuff a clove in and squeeze – you don’t even have to peel it!

It’s funny the things you become dependent on…some that you never knew you “needed” until you had them! I consider both of these to be “nice to have” items not “need to have,” but don’t you deserve a few nice items to make your time in the kitchen a little easier or more enjoyable? (Of course you do!)

As we head into this holiday weekend, no doubt your kitchen will be a central focus – preparing, cleaning, entertaining and eating. Take a minute to look around and appreciate this room that works so hard for you day in and day out. And as you look around, if you find that an upgrade is in order, you can always check out our KitchenDependence Sale!

Wishing you a happy, fun and safe Fourth of July weekend!

*At select retail partners’ sites

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