Shower Timing: Day or Night?

Most people tend to fall into patterns when it comes to showering. What does your preferred showering time say about your personality?

Maybe you’re the get-up-and-go type who showers immediately after the rooster crows. The thought of jumpstarting your day with a refreshing shower brings you to life. You’re set the moment rejuvenating water sprays across your face, ready to plan the rest of your morning.

The next steps come easier now: brewing a strengthening cup of coffee, checking emails and choosing an outfit that says, “Watch out, world!” You are on your game, and thanks to your early bird showering habits, whatever the busy day throws at you will be a cinch.

If this sets the scene to the start of a perfect day, you carry the essence of life in you, and you’re certainly a go-getter. A fast-paced life gives you energy, and so do your morning showers.

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However, if you prefer night showers, that’s a completely different story. After a day full of meetings and details, you savor the evening hours for relaxation, knowing that indulgent activities sometimes need to take precedence over the smaller things in life. A silk robe is draped over the bathroom sink, and you turn on your favorite music on your smart device. The second your weary body comes into contact with pinging droplets, the relief of the day releases.

If this sets the scene to the ending of your strenuous day, you are most likely a night owl, and enjoy life-altering conversations accompanied by a good glass of wine. You believe that life is a balance of give and take, and you explore what it has to offer every chance you get.

What’s your preference? Drop a comment below to join the conversation.

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