The Personalities of Fantasy Kitchens, Part One

The first of a three-part series, VIGO explores different kitchen personalities.

VIGO goes crazy for modern kitchen design. Do you have a dream kitchen in mind? Here are two styles we love, and what each may say about your personality.

VIGO Chrome Pull-Down Spray Kitchen FaucetPicture it: You’ve just put down a fresh cup of chamomile tea on your imported marble countertop, and placed new magazines on the matching island. Modern accent pieces don subway-tiled walls. You admire the metal
-plated bowls strategically placed around the room, as you let out a satisfied sigh of a job well done.
The heart of your kitchen is VIGO’s Edison Kitchen Faucet in Chrome. The polished finish matches the shine of your custom kitchen, dazzling whoever happens to pass through.

If this sounds like your perfect kitchen, you are a person who loves to stay in control, and clearly has a keen eye for interior design. Earth tones and shiny surfaces let people know that you live a balanced life.

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VIGO Stainless Steel Pull-Out Spray Kitchen Faucet with Soap DispenserNow consider sitting in a smaller kitchen. Drapes colorful, the wallpaper speaks to you in hues of orange and gold; you’ve certainly created a vintage kitchen for yourself with assistance from social media boards. Your coffee brews from a metal maker and you have homemade delicacies in the oven for breakfast.

The showpiece of your retro wonderland is a VIGO Avondale Pull-Out kitchen faucet with matching soap dispenser. The faucet is your pride and joy because it cleverly fits in with your décor, yet takes a shape all its own.

This is your perfect kitchen because you are a person who nods to the past. You take inspiration from times gone by, and love the simpler things in life. Your faucet choice lets others know you enjoy entertaining, because of the larger arm the Stainless Steel faucet has to offer; it’s great for filling pots of water, and cleaning dishes won’t be a bother.

Which dream modern kitchen design speaks to you the most? Drop a comment below to take part in the conversation.

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