The Personalities of Fantasy Kitchens, Part Three

At VIGO, we love a crisp, clean, modern kitchen design. How about you? What’s your idea of a dream kitchen? Let’s look at two distinct styles and what each says about your personality.

Imagine yourself sitting on a rustic barstool in a warm-hued kitchen, oversized coffee mug in hand and the warmth of the sun’s beams helping you start the morning right. It has butcher block wooden countertops, old world accents and open shelving to show off your colorful, coordinated dishes.

Your piéce de résistance is an ample Matte Stone VIGO Farmhouse sink that gives you all the space you need to cook and clean within your custom sanctuary. The silky smooth texture is what made you fall in love with it, but its low maintenance nature really cemented the long-term relationship.

If this sounds like your ideal kitchen, you’re probably a person who is willing to show the real you…your softer side…without pretenses. You have a tendency to be warm and welcoming, and love the outdoors. Choosing a Matte Stone Farmhouse sink to complete your modern kitchen design lets those who pass through your humble abode know you are drawn to natural colors and textures, as well as an oversized basin. Dishes can wait. You’d rather be sharing stories with your guests, secure in the knowledge that the job will get done efficiently when it’s time.

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Now consider the appeal of a clean and modern kitchen featuring polished marble countertops, clean stainless steel appliances, and white décor from top to bottom. You occasionally wake up in the morning, excited to welcome the day in this luminous room, knowing that whatever mess breakfast brings, will easily be erased with one quick swipe of a cleaning cloth.

Naturally, your fixtures have to be stainless steel to coordinate with your appliances. The VIGO Aylesbury stainless steel pull-down kitchen faucet is the centerpiece of your highly functional room.

Your organized area tells passersby that you mean business, and aren’t the least bit offended by being called a neat freak – in fact, you consider it a compliment! You keep your kitchen tidy and your matching stainless steel faucet is a subtle nod to the perfectionist in you.

Which dream modern kitchen design speaks to you the most? Drop a comment below to take part in the conversation.

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