The Personalities of Fantasy Kitchens, Part Two

Modern kitchen designs and clean lines are appreciated at VIGO. Do you have a perfect kitchen in mind? Let’s take a look at some kitchen layouts and what they say about your personality type.

It’s a darker room, but that’s what you’ve planned since you bought the house. You turn on the rustic metal chandelier, and appreciate your choice of stonework that surrounds the kitchen. Gray, brown, and light yellows strewn in random patterns stand against sandy cabinets that work together as the most perfect team. At your bulky, standalone kitchen table, you sit and begin to read the morning paper in silence.

The show piece to your woodland kitchen is the VIGO Gramercy Matte Black Pull-Down kitchen faucet. Its dark finish and prominent look is sure to match your room’s theme and add a touch of elegance.

This type of kitchen lets others know you’re in touch with nature, and care for living creatures big and small. The VIGO faucet of choice says that no matter how woodsy a theme can get, you still enjoy the finer things in life.

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Now you’re chopping and dicing vigorously on shiny granite countertops, while large pots of water and homemade pasta sauce – at true family delicacy – are boiling on the stove. On your decorative island, fresh bread is cooling. You turn back to the stove to admire your placement of an Italian seascape mosaic. Bright colors and vintage accents pull the room together.

The perfect addition to match your kitchen’s appliances is the VIGO Zurich Pull-Down faucet and Double Bowl Farmhouse Sink – both in stainless steel. Unique in overall design and sleekness that will upgrade even the fanciest of kitchens, this set is a must.

Your show kitchen says you have traveled the world and are inspired by other cultures. The mosaic and other vintage accents give a nod to the past, and people truly admire that in you. Now your choice in VIGO sink, that lets others know you prefer to match appliances in your home, but can be playful at times, allowing a theme to come together organically.

Which dream modern kitchen design speaks to you the most? Drop a comment below to take part in the conversation.

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