VIGO Goes Gaga for Matte Stone

Our new Matte Stone Farmhouse Sink was released recently and we couldn’t be more pleased. The look, the feel, the awe…

If you are in the market for a new kitchen sink, this product may be the one thing that’s missing from your home. The reversible design and solid surface are its key features. Not to mention, it’s nonporous, and fire resistant. Essentially, it’s a super sink.

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According to Todd Alexander, VIGO Industries’ Vice President of Research and Development, “There are only a few times in life that a product will hit the market and change the market; this is one of those times.”

The Matte Stone sinks are a product the customer can believe in. Come on, everybody leads a busy life: the children need to be picked up from school, dinner needs to be made, and smart phones fill up faster than a tank of gas at the station. The Matte Stone sinks are designed to take stress away from the modern homeowner.

Each product comes with a handy Sanding Circle. Todd refers to it as an ‘undo button’ for your sink. No stain, ding or scratch is too big a match for this sink. The Sanding Circle allows you to buff away the problem without damaging the beautiful matte finish or compromising the integrity of your new kitchen sink. With a solid core through and through, you’ll never see ugly sublayers.

Imagine yourself in the kitchen in the upcoming months, preparing that big holiday meal. Lots of guests around the table mean lots of dishes, which equates to an immense amount of wear and tear on your sink. The VIGO Matte Stone can handle the mess. It can handle the duty of being there for you when no other appliance is.

“Seeing is truly believing,” Todd chimed in. Yes, the sink is that good.

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