VIGO On The Big Screen

In January the movie “That Awkward Moment” was released and we were so excited to see a VIGO product!

VIGO’s frameless shower doors can be spotted in the scene where the characters Daniel and Chelsea are in the shower together doing… well, you can guess, and Jason (AKA:  Zac Efron) walks in.

The shower doors in this scene are VIGO’s frameless shower door model number VG6041 with a  chrome finish and clear glass.  One thing to point out about the doors is that they were modified by adding a towel rack to the outside.  Just to note, VIGO does not recommend or support these types of modifications to our products.  You can see the shower doors on VIGO’s website.

Check out the trailer.  You can see VIGO’s shower doors at about 1:28.

VIGO is going to be on the big screen again!  VIGO has sent products to the movie set of “Franny” starring Theo James, Dakota Fanning and Richard Gere.  The release date has not been announced, but according to IMDb it will be released this year.  Look out for VIGO products including; a vanity, neo-angled frameless shower enclosure, bathroom accessories, shower panel, and single-hole faucet.

We’ll let you know when we make it on the big screen again!


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