VIGO’s Top 5 Scariest Kitchens

We have a special place in our heart for classically modern kitchens featuring beautiful fixtures – the way the right sink makes the room comes to life, and the way a shiny chrome faucet reflects the colors and beauty of the room…it’s just a great feeling. But do you know what makes our skin crawl? Scary kitchens. Dead-looking tiles, chipped sinks, rusty fixtures; they’re the worst.

In light of Halloween fast approaching, we’d like to share our picks for the Top 5 Scariest Kitchens. We hope you’re in for a scare!

Hooked On Houses

5. This retro kitchen from the 1950s, featured on Hooked On Houses.

Daily Mail Abandoned Kitchen

4. This abandoned kitchen from a retirement home in Saxony Anhalt, Germany.

Apartment Therapy

3. This apartment kitchen brought to you by Apartment Therapy.

Humans In Design

2. This monstrosity featured on

And last but not least, VIGO’s vote for the scariest kitchen yet…

Hotel De Do

1. An abandoned kitchen in Hotel Do De…Yikes!

Have a scary kitchen of your own? Enter VIGO’s “Show Us Your Scary Kitchen” contest for a chance to win a NEW faucet or undermount sink!

Join the VIGO conversation, and talk about your favorite scary kitchen below.

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