What You Don’t Know About Shower Panels

Do you remember pinning extravagant showers with body sprayers and multiple shower heads to your “Dream Bathroom” board on Pinterest?  Of course you do, you have Pinterest open right now!  Maybe you even used one on your last vacation.  (Lucky you!)  Imagine having that amazing shower in your own bathroom.  Now imagine how much work and money it will take to get that.  You’ll pretty much need a full bathroom renovation to really make it work.

Well friend, you are wrong!  You can get a shower panel and install it easily in your current shower.  Shower panels use the same plumbing that your shower head used so there is no need to bust through walls or chip up tile.  Get your dream shower sooner than you ever thought possible!

VIGO makes shower panels that are easy to install and are pre-plumbed to send the water to all the sprayers included.  The body spray massage jets are adjustable and the handheld shower head is multi-functional for even more massage options.  Of course there is a standard shower head as well.

Getting a shower panel is like getting a bathroom renovation for under $400!  Check out VIGO’s shower panels here, and don’t be afraid to ask questions in the comments.

A recap on what you didn’t know about shower  panels:
1.) That they even existed
2.) They are easy to install
3.) Make your shower more exciting without a full renovation

VIGO Shower Panel
VIGO Shower Panel

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